About Us


Welcome t0 the Church of Science. This is an online entity for the scientific community. Where the knowledge expands like the universe. We’re just getting started here, so be patient with us. For now we have blogs and articles. With plenty more to come in the future.

There are many goals for this organization.

  • To introduce people to the cool, exciting side of science.
    • Articles over various topics.
    • Weekly blog posts introducing and summarizing certain videos.
      • Debates
      • Documentaries
      • Short YouTube videos
      • Lectures
      • Etc.
  • To encourage and teach people the value of education and critical thinking.
  • To expose the unbiased truth–the good, bad, and ugly–in the world surrounding us.
  • To touch on important topics concerning science and technology.

We are:

Josh LaVey – Author and content creator

Joel Meaders – Tech guy, graphic designer, and photographer.

Website: http://www.joelmeaders.com/